Windows 10 Eduroam Manual Setup

*Note: This process should only be used if you are unable to connect using the instructions at*

  1. If you have previously connected to Eduroam  you will need to right click on the network and forget it.  Select eduraom from your list of networks and make sure “Connect Automatically” is checked and press “Connect”

2. When prompted enter your email address into the username field and then enter your GatorLink password and select “OK”

3. When prompted to continue connecting, select “Connect”

4. After you are connected you will need to download and install the proper security certificates to avoid being removed from the network.  Open a browser and navigate to, once there select “Get Online”.  On the next screen select “Unknown” from the dropdown box at the bottom.

5. Please select the USERTrust RSA Certification Authority to download the certificate.

6. Open the file that was downloaded. In the window that opens select “install certificate”.

7. When the certificate wizard opens select the Local Machine box and press “Next”

8. On the next screen select Automatic and press “Next”

9. Select Finish on the next screen and you are now connected to Eduroam.