Windows 10/11 Autoconfig

1. Connect to the “ufgetonline” network, do not select “Connect Automatically”

2. Once connected a new browser window should open as seen below.  Select the “Laptops & Mobile Devices” button.

*If the window does not open automatically, open a new browser window and navigate to*

3. On the next screen verify Windows 10 or 11 is displayed and select “Join Wireless”

*Note: If Windows 10 is not displayed, please select it from the dropdown at the bottom before continuing*

4. After you select “Join Wireless” a file will download.  Open the file and you will be prompted with the below screen.  Enter your email address and password.  Your email address must be in the format or you cannot use an alias.

5. Once the SecureW2 autoconfig completes, you will be prompted with the following screen and you are now connected to Eduroam.

If you run into any problems or you cannot get connected, please contact the UF Computing Help Desk at 352-392-4357 or for assistance.