Outlook O365 for Windows

*Note: If you have just been migrated to O365 and you’re already using the Outlook O365 desktop app you will just need to close outlook and re-open it.  You will then be prompted to sign in using your normal GatorLink credentials.*

The following instructions are for adding an O365 account to your existing Outlook client.

1. Open Outlook and click “File” in the top left corner. Then select “+Add Account” in the right pane.

2. Enter your email address in the format “GatorLink@ufl.edu” and select “Connect”.

3. Select the Office 365 button.

4. A windows security prompt will appear.  Enter your email address in the format “GatorLink@ufl.edu” and your password.  Be sure to check the box “Remember My Credentials”.

*Note: This box may appear several times.  Fill it out each time and check the box until it stops.*

5. Your account has now been added.  It may take several minutes for your email and calendar items to appear.