Outlook 365 for Mac

*Note: If you have already setup your email in Outlook 365 for Mac prior to migrating, the next time you open outlook you will prompted to login again and your settings will automatically update.  If you are setting up Outlook O365 for the first time, see below.*

1. Open Outlook O365 for Mac.  You will be prompted to add an account.  Enter your email address in the format GatorLink@ufl.edu and press “Continue”.

2. You will be taken to the normal GatorLink login page.  Enter your normal GatorLink credentials and press “Login”.

3.  Outlook will attempt to connect to your account.  Once connected you will be prompted to add another account.  You can add a personal account if you like, otherwise just press “Done”.  It may take a few minutes for your email to download, but you are now connected.