Mac OSX 10.11+ Auto Config

1. Begin by selecting the “ufgetonline” network from  your airport menu.

2. Open a new browser window with Safari or your favorite browser and navigate to and press the “Laptops & Mobile Devices” button.

3. On the next screen verify your OSX version is showing correctly, then select “Join Wireless”. 

*If your version is not showing correctly, please select the right OS from the dropdown box before continuing.

4. Once you select “Join Wireless” a file will download.  After opening the file you may see a security prompt.  Select “Open” button to continue.

5. Once the SecureW2 program opens you will be prompted to enter your email address and password.

*NOTE: Email address must be in the form of or or the setup will fail you cannot use an alias.*

6. During the setup process you may be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password to continue. Enter your credentials and select “OK”

7.  Once the autoconfig process is complete you will be greeted with the following screen and you are now connected to Eduroam.

If you have any problems during the course of the process, or you cannot get connected, please call the UF Computing Help Desk at 352-392-4357 or email for assistance.