IMAP/Thunderbird Setup

IMAP Settings

*Note: UFIT does not support IMAP for GatorMail as there are known issues with using IMAP and Cloud email, however if you would like to proceed you will find the settings below.


Thunderbird Setup

1. Open Thunderbird and select “Tools” from the top bar. On the Tools menu Select “Accounts Setting”.

2. In the next window select “Account Actions” in the bottom left hand corner and then select “Add Account”

3. You will be prompted to enter your name, email address, and Password. Once done  select “Continue”

*Note: email should be in the format “”*

4. Thunderbird will attempt to connect to your email account but it will fail and you will shown the following screen.

5. Fill out the information with the info above substituting for your email address.  Once done select “Re-Test” and then “Done”.  Your email account is now connected.