Android Autoconfig

*Note: There are many different versions of Android. This setup was completed using a Google Pixel 3. Your screens may differ based on your device manufacturer, but the setup will remain the same.*

1. Go to your settings and select Wi-Fi. Connect to the “ufgetonline” network.

2. Once connected to “ufgetonline” close any windows that may have popped up and open a new browser window.  In the new browser window navigate to  You should see the screen below:

3.  Select the “Laptops & Mobile Devices” button from the previous step and you should be greeted with a screen that says Android.  Select “Download” to get the SecureW2 app which will auto configure your eduroam connection.

4. After selecting “Download” you should be taken to the Google Play Store for the SecureW2 app.  Press the install button to install the App.

5. Once the app is installed a new window will open. Please enter your email address and password.  You must enter or for the email address, aliases will not work.

Once the SecureW2 app completes you will see the following screen and you are now connected to eduroam. 

*Note: to avoid issues in the future we suggest that you go back to your wi-fi settings and forget the ufgetonline network*