Student Email Setup

GatorCloud mailbox is created automatically about two weeks to one month after affiliation is updated to “Newly Admitted Applicant” from “Applicant” if the new admit has a GatorLink account.

The email address that will be made is comprised of the GatorLink username (“GatorLink ID”) follows by

Note: There is no manual process to create an email account early. The gap is because of sheer amount of mailboxes needed to be created and the hosting provider’s security protocol. [Within this first month some mailboxes might be accessible but mail flow is not fully configured to receive or send emails. Your patience is greatly appreciated while this automated process is happening for newly admitted students.]

To access your GatorCloud email inbox after this time, you can go to

If you would like to check your email with an email client, please select the appropriate link below. For Frequently Asked Questions regarding email setup, please reference our Wiki Email FAQ’s.

Email Setup Instructions for GatorCloud email (

Departmental Exchange Mail Setup

Some students might be employed at UF and have departmental Exchange Mail. If you would like to set up your departmental email on a device, please visit the UF Exchange site for UF Exchange Mail setup instructions.