LTI/APP Integration Suggestions

e-Learning in Canvas offers the option of integrating third party integrations (LTIs or APPs). Because there are literally hundreds of these, we’ve established a process for selecting the most needed ones to include in the UF instance of e-Learning in Canvas.

Which LTI/APP Integrations would you like to have in e-Learning in Canvas? This site provides a list of all LTI/APPs that have been requested and their status. Search the requests that have been submitted and cast your vote for the ones most important to you. You have 10 votes available. You may cast as many as 3 votes in favor of any one LTI/APP that is particularly important to you or you can cast 1 vote each for 10. Your vote(s) will be returned to you if the LTI/APP is installed.

If you don’t see your suggestion among those already entered, make a new request. Please provide all information needed so that we can research and implement the LTI/APP.

The LMS Governance Committee will review your suggestions and make recommendations for implementing LTI/APPs. When you cast a vote for an LTI/APP, you will be notified as that request makes its way through the process.

NOTE: One limitation to this system is that it lists the “favorites” (the ones with the most votes) at the top. While this makes perfect sense, it also means that people often don’t look beyond the first page and so the ones that are the favorites tend to stay the favorites. You might want to explore the list and see if you find things that you like just as well or better than some of the “favorites.”

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