Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Deadlines

ETD Deadlines for the 2017-18 Academic Year

Deadline (5 pm Eastern Time)Fall 2017*Spring 2017*Summer 2017*
* Spring/Summer 2018 Dates will be posted as soon as they are available (Expected date August 1). Use previous year's dates to approximate the anticipated dates for next year(Rarely more than a few days difference)
Degree ApplicationSept. 15, 2017Jan. 27, 2017June 28, 2017
Doctoral First SubmissionSept. 29, 2017Feb. 10, 2017June 12, 2017
Masters First SubmissionOct. 27, 2017Mar. 14, 2017July 6, 2017
Final SubmissionNov. 20, 2017Apr. 5, 2017July 25, 2017
Final ApprovalDec. 6, 2017Apr. 19, 2017Aug. 2, 2017

Degree Application

A Degree Application MUST be submitted BEFORE you can access the Editorial Document Management (EDM) System. Note: At the beginning of the term a “Degree Application not found” error may occur even with a valid Degree Application on file. This will happen until the EDM System is through certifying last semester’s graduating class.

Doctoral First Submission

Last day to sign in to the EDM System to upload your fully formatted PDF

Masters First Submission

Last day to submit a pdf of your defended thesis.

Final Submission

Last day to make your first attempt at Final Approval

Final Approval

Last day to achieve Final Approval by the Editorial Office.

Thesis and Dissertation Format Requirements

Follow this link to the format guidelines for UF Theses and Dissertations.