Poster Print Information

Options and Tips:

  • The rolls of paper for the printers are 36″ wide, so one dimension MUST be 36″ or less.
  • ASC offers standard paper ($3.00/linear foot) and High Gloss Photo Paper ($10.00/linear foot) other Labs have standard paper only
  • The maximum dimension for a PowerPoint slide is 56″ in either direction. A work-around for this limitation is to make both dimensions half the final size and “scale” the output to fit the paper size that is twice the slide dimensions. This give you the ability to get 36 X 112 output from a slide set to 18 X 56. Make sure that any graphics will still look good if stretched to twice the size. You generally need about 100 pixels per inch of output to maintain a good crisp image on a poster. So to stretch an image to 36 inches it should start at 3600 pixels in that direction.
  • Dark print on a light background will make your poster easier to read. Use reverse fields sparingly. In addition to wasting ink you limit the impact of your poster.
  • Make the text large enough to read from a distance. Titles should be a Minimum of 150 pts. and Headings at least 48 pts., Subheadings need to be 36 pts. and your main Body Text should be at least 32 pts. It is much better to say less with larger type than to be brilliant with type too small to read.
  • Use the UF Wordmark not the Athletic Department Gator or the President’s Seal to identify your poster with the University of Florida
  • No more than 3 different fonts and make those common, easy to read, fonts (avoid “old English” or “script” fonts). ALL CAPS ARE HARDER TO READ than mixed case words

Poster Template 36 X 56

This is the maximum size PowerPoint slide that can be printed full size on our plotter. Office 2010 format

Poster Template 36 X 48

This is one of the most common poster size printed. Office 2010 format