AT Sales Order Form Instructions

FIRST: Call the Unit you are ordering from and obtain a quote for the material you are ordering! Go to the Order form at will be required to log on using your Gatorlink username and password (Please allow 3 business days lead time unless you bring the file to the ASC in person to be printed)

  • Click on “Create a New Order” – Any order you have started but not submitted will be saved and listed here and ready to resume.
  • Select a “Provider” from the Drop Down List (For Posters choose “Application Support Center”).
  • Enter the Total Amount (this is why you call for a quote in advance).
  • Enter a description (Not required but recommended).
  • You can attach the file to print if you’re sure it’s ready to go and we will e-mail you when it’s ready (Printed “As is”).
  • Proceed to Step 2
  • Here you add your payment chartfield. You can save commonly used chartfields to be used again later. If you don’t know anything about chartfields you probably want to delagate this process to someone else in your Department: enter their UFID in the space provided. NOTE: you must re-enter the amount in the bottom right of the chartfield form – this allows you to split the amount into two or more accounts – just click the “Add” button again to have another chartfield form appear.
  • Proceed to Step 3 and review your order. If everything is correct click “Submit for Processing”
  • You will Get one last chance to make any corrections before confirming the order.

If you attached a file to be printed we will review the order, make sure the amount is correct and that the file is the correct dimensions to be printed. If not we will reject the order and tell you what is wrong. If all is in order we will print the file and notify you when it is ready to be picked up (please allow three business days – while we try to be faster this is the earliest we can guarantee fulfillment).

If you choose to bring your file to the Hub 224 we will look over your file and make sure there are no obvious issues – we can usually print the same day if you come in before 3:00 pm. Due to the inconsistent nature of the plotter print processing we do not start printing posters in the ASC after 4:30 pm. If you MUST print outside of the Application Support Center’s hours you can print at the CSE 211 Lab or the ARCH 116 Lab, however, you MUST notify the ASC that you have printed outside of the Application Support Center and provide the Gatorlink username of the individual that printed the file to avoid being charged personally for this service.